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Many Hats

Updated: May 26, 2020

Wow! What a week!

I decided to write this blog for all the busy wives, mothers, teachers, sisters, aunts, and business women out there. We change hats, or should I say, roles so much throughout the day that sometimes we don't know how to turn off the engine. This probably explains why I am sitting here writing this blog when I should be in bed. Although I'm tired, I can't end the day without writing down what's on my mind.

Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep when your day has been so...let's keep it positive and say...PRODUCTIVE! As women we often change hats several times throughout the day. Because of this, our minds tend to be so cluttered that it can be difficult to fall off to sleep at night. It is very obvious to me that when my nights aren't filled with dreams, my mind and life have become overloaded with STUFF! Sometimes even just falling asleep is a task. I have found that it is very important to get in a quiet spot and find peace before bed. If this is not happening, dreaming can be very seldom and for me, that's not good. As I type this right now, I am exhausted after helping my son with a project that I thought was due Monday, but was actually due TODAY! My feet hurt, my eyes are heavy, and I can't help but to think of the growing list of things I need to do tomorrow. Even now, as I type this my mind is drifting somewhere else.

Here are a few hats that I wear on a daily basis: wife, mother, teacher, sister, friend, author, and blogger. Each hat is very multifaceted, consisting of many layers. If I went into how many hats I wear as a teacher, alone, your head would spin. Or, if I told you that not only am I the mother of two, but I am also their cook, hair dresser, counselor, best friend and housekeeper. If you are reading this you are probably just like me...switching between different hats during the day and by the end of the day you just want to take off all of them and go to bed. But, every hat is significant and worthy of my undivided attention. The key here though is balance. For me, these very essential hats should be kept in that specific order that I listed them because prioritizing is important.

If we want to keep a sound mind, or in other words, not go crazy, we have to put things in the correct order. For example, I can't bring home papers to grade when I know that when I get home, I must spend time with my family, prepare dinner and help my children with homework. The papers will have to wait. They will get done, but just not before my family is taken care of. God wants us to prioritize our lives. When we put Him first, everything else falls into place. If we trust Him, he will show us how to balance everything. He will show us how to have a calm, silenced soul as we drift off to sleep. Most times I like to play something to get my mind focused on one thing instead of twenty. Preparing for bed is not only taking a shower, and brushing your teeth. Preparing your mind and calming yourself is essential, as well. So tonight, take off all the hats. Set them aside for tomorrow and put on your daughter hat. You are the daughter of a King, who never sleeps. He will ensure that everything and everyone is taken care of. Trust Him and sleep well.

Sleep well.

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