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One Race

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

I've contemplated writing this blog for over three years now, thinking, "It's not the right time," "This is going to ruffles some feathers," "Do I have enough factual evidence," "People already know this stuff."

Today, I just decided all that doesn't matter. Just write what's on your heart. If they don't get it, that's okay. If it angers them, that wasn't my intent. If this all makes sense, I'm glad. If you heard this before, share it with someone else.

Now, where should I start? Let's start with the idea that there is a "chosen race."

A Chosen Race?

I am aware that God chose the nation of Israel as his treasured possession. Deuteronomy 7:6

This might cause some to think, "Hey what about me?" as it did when I first remember hearing this scripture. But, I remembered Romans 2:11, God does not show favoritism and Galatians 3:28, we are all one IN Christ. With more study and experience one can come to realize the Jewish people are also the same people God chose to bring fourth the savior of the world. So, with making this distension, God was not only giving us a map to trace back all history but also displaying his love for all humanity. Looking at God's choice from this perspective makes it crystal clear how much he loves each of us and clarifies His master plan. John 3:16

Next, let's look at the idea of "race."

Many Races?

Over the past few years I have shared, what I'm about to share, many times. Each time I have felt this overwhelming sense of pressure to "make it make sense," but today I am just going to lay it all out there and let The Holy Spirit do the rest. No need to email me, text me, or IM me. Just let it all sink in. If you don't agree, I'm okay with that.

This epiphany came to me while standing in a classroom. I had just finished collaborating with a group of teachers. I don't remember what we were talking about, but one of them brought up an old National Geographic article. The other teacher pulled it up on the projector and in large print across the screen the title of the article read, "Visualizing Race, Identity and Change." This article shed a much needed light on how the face of America is continually changing. A Pew Research Study was done in 2010 and recorded 4.8 million interracial marriages. Can you imagine where that number is today!? I began to think: wow, humanity is doing a 180!

When I looked at the article's photographs of faces resulting from interracial marriages, it was very difficult to determine what "race" they were from. This sent me on a journey of thought, leading to three essential questions. 1).What did Adam and Eve look like? This question led to another: 2). If they are humanity's starting point, (I believe the Bible) they must have looked very similar to these photos; photos I can't possibly label as one "race."

At that moment, still standing in the middle of the classroom, I began thinking about a social studies lesson I taught earlier that week (keep in mind this was all in the span of 5 minutes). I felt blessed because this was my first year teaching social studies and had finally discovered the purpose for this challenge! LOL!

In seventh grade, the second unit focuses on Southwest Asia (Middle East). We had just started the unit and one point I made to the students, based on my studies, was that the first civilization began in what was called Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. This train of thought led me to the rivers near Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait and Syria. Which then led me to Genesis two. In Genesis 2:10 we find that there were two rivers that flowed through Eden, the Tigris and Euphrates which are rivers flowing through this same area. I had asked myself this question many times and knew the answer, but never had substantial proof: Could this be where Eden was located? Yes!

It all was coming together!

Then, I asked myself another question: 3). Well, if we all came from this particular area (Mesopotamia), from this particular people(Adam and Eve), HOW IN THE WORLD do we all look relatively different (shape, hair, eyes, lips, noses)? If Adam and Eve were black, white, middle eastern, or etc., how could they create all races.

Here was my conclusion: In order for Adam and Eve to give birth to all of humanity they had to have all of humanity inside of them (all shades-they had to look of mixed decent). Could the All Powerful God have done this incredible thing?


Genesis one tells us he made us in His image and likeness. He breathed humanity into Adam and Eve equipping them to be fruitful and to multiply. In doing this, I truly don't think he had one look in mind. God is creative. He is the ultimate CREATIVE. Why would he want everyone to look the same? BORING! I'm sure he thought ;-).

At any rate, that still doesn't answer question three entirely. My thoughts then took me to the amazing story of the Tower of Babel (Read Genesis 11). This very short story tells us so much about humanity. It happened right after the flood. Noah's children had the major task of being fruitful, multiplying and replenishing the earth, since Adam and Eve didn't do such a good job. They were then tasked with the same be fruitful, multiply and replenish. In other words, populate the earth and the only way to do that would be to MOVE... or GO!

Did they do it? Sadly, no. They didn't. They all decided to stay right where they were and to build a tower that would reach into the sky. These people developed a pride in their accomplishments and this pride reached into the Heavens for sure. So much so, it caught the attention of God.

Side bar: one good thing we can get from this rebellion/journey of pride is that they were all on one accord and united. As a united front, there was nothing they couldn't do together, even God said so!

God had to do something to ensure these people would continue their commission (BE fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth). God, Jesus, and, the Holy Spirit initiated a plan. He confused their language (this is where different languages came about). If they couldn't communicate, they couldn't dwell in the same locations. So, (and this is completely my revelation) the people, this unidentified people, culturally and ethnically, began to migrate to different parts of the earth, only grouping with those they could understand, hence, this how each group became separated on the planet.

Now, I haven't studied this part out completely, BUT I do believe, depending on where these groups migrated, whether it's cold, hot, mountainous or hilly, the vegetation, foods, and animal population etc., this all has a great deal to do with how our bodies develop. I believe these groups of people (migrating with those who could speak like them) produced after their own kind, which in turn led to the distinctness of our shape, eyes, hair, lips etc.

So, Santita, what are you getting at? I wrote all of that to say: Adam and Eve was the beginning of the human race. In them, was all humanity. When God jump started humanity again after the flood, he commissioned them to GO! They did not. He had to separate us to complete his plan, but He never meant for that to be all encompassing and segregating. He just wanted us to multiply and subdue like he knew we could!

In short, there is only ONE Race. The Human Race. Yes, we have differences, but these differences only showcase the creativity of our Father. He loves each of us for our differences, but he loves us all the same.

The devil is the culprit for the division that entered our world back in the garden. He would like for us to focus on our differences instead of what we share in common (humanity). Of course, he would turn what God sees as magnificent (our uniqueness) into hate. God never wanted us to be divided, but only wanted us to be obedient.

If we take a look back at the Tower of Babel aka Babylon (near Mesopotamia) we would see that we ARE better together. No wonder the devil has fought so hard to keep us separated by religious beliefs, political affiliations, tradition, and looks. For he knows the moment we stop fighting each other, there will be nothing we can't accomplish. Genesis 11:6

One Race

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Aug 31, 2021

Excellent blog Santita! I've been to several different countries before, including Iraq, and it confirmed my beliefs that our racially-based system is nonsense. Upon reading the Bible more, I actually began to feel sorry for people who make decisions based on racial factors. They don't realize how much life and abundance their missing out on from living that detrimental lifestyle.

Sep 02, 2021
Replying to

I agree!

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