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Dormancy- the state of having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time

The image for this post has been with me for a while. I thought, "Yep, that's me. Dormant." Several days, after work, I sat on my couch, wondering why this picture continued to stay with me. I played around with some words to explain it, or a slogan if you will, for a future post, but nothing stuck.

Today, when I sat down after a long day with 12 and 13 year-olds, and decided to create something, a headline finally stuck: Dormancy Doesn't Last Forever. I was surprised! Surprised because I never thought of a dormant volcano that way. In my head, I always saw a dormant volcano as the exact opposite of an active one: a volcano that doesn't erupt...ever. Dormant. Little did I know, there's one other classification I had never heard of, an extinct volcano. And oh boy, I knew I was not that.

So, I had been comparing my self to a dormant volcano for the past several months and needed to do some research. Geologist, volcanologists, and scientists, in general, have different views on how to classify an active volcanoe. Some say that an "active" volcano is one that erupts within a human life span. Others say, it's one that erupts at least once every 10 years. A dormant volcano, on the other hand, is one that has erupted before and is capable of erupting again! There's no set time, but the point is... it will erupt...again. At first glance, the image was saying to me, "inactive, asleep, at a standstill, and motionless." At a second, third and fourth glance it started to say to me, "preparing, patient, resting, and in-waiting to erupt again."

So what's my point?

Here it is:

Just because things seem to be moving slowly or it seems you have not made any significant moves lately, don't worry. Anything magnificient takes time. For instance,

an elephant from conception to birth is incubated for 18 to 22 months. Yeah, I know. That is a long time. But, think about how big and magnificant an elephant grows to be. Big things take time.

One more example just to bring it a little closer to home: take J.K Rowling. Today everyone knows her name, but it took her seven years from the time she got the idea of The Philosophers Stone to the day she got a book deal.

The key to your ultimate and inevitable eruption is to keep pushing, seeking, knocking, and asking. Don't stop because that massive, dormant mountain isn't moving. Be patient, Dormancy Doesn't Last Forever.

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