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Get Inspired: A Book Review

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Joyce Meyer has been my mentor for years. Although, I have never met her personally. I wish! But, her books and broadcasts have inspired me for decades.

When I heard about Joyce's new book, 100 Inspirational Quotes, I was elated! A book jammed-packed with Joyce's inspiring words and "the life-changing scriptures behind them" was just too good to be true!

The pages are full of vivid color and large, graphic text features that stay with you throughout the day. One of my favorite quotes is, "God doesn't just give you the dream; He gifts you the faith to believe it!

Hebrews chapter 11:1 is the scripture behind it, and it encourages me to know that God is behind every dream I have, and have ever had. He is the Author and the Finisher, so why concern my self with all the minute details. He has given me the gift of faith to keep believing until my dreams become a reality.

Don't get me wrong, there are things that I need to do, but when I invite Him to help me with every step, things are so much easier.

You see, one quote can mean so much. This book is full of golden, nuggets of wisdom which Joyce has been teaching for years. So, if you are looking for a quick dose of inspiration during the day, Joyce's latest book is everything you are looking for and more!

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