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Humble Beginnings

Have you ever heard this phrase before? Typically, you hear it when someone is speaking of where they came from. They compare where they started to the current state of their life which exceeds where they came from. I can see why this statement is used in that perspective. If fact, I agree. When I look back, I can find several instances where I can apply this statement. One in particular is very shameful for me; it was difficult to even consider sharing it, but I have to. This is for those who are hiding. Stop hiding. When you hide you make it difficult to be found.

When I was in grade school reading was my least favorite thing to do. What!? You love reading! You teach READING for a living! This is true, but it wasn't always that way. I remember being so frustrated with trying to read and comprehend what I was reading. I would cry in rage. Screaming for help internally, fighting fiercely to conceal my weakness. Because of my pride or unwillingness to ask for help, I ended up in the "slow"/blue birds reading group in elementary school.

I remember this like it was yesterday because it hurt me so bad. Even as a child, I understood that I read so poorly that I had to be placed in the lower group. A speech impediment was a huge factor to my teacher’s decision. I understood that my other classmates took note of it, as well. I settled within myself that I would change this. I was determined to do better.

As time passed, I began to excel beyond my classmates. I began to read as much as I possibly could. I devoured every book and magazine my mom brought home. I worked at my lisp day and not without any of my siblings or my parents knowing. I figured out a way to disguise it by staying calm. I also realized that getting rid of southern jargon helped a great deal. Eventually, this was all a vague memory.

Today, I am a reading teacher. Because of what I experienced, I take it very seriously how my students view reading. I know that their view may be a result of some awful experience they had as a child. Some of these experiences could include being a slow reader, being embarrassed for wrong pronunciation, being made to read in front of a class when they are not confident, or reading being made a punishment instead of a reward. For example: "Go to your room and READ!". Take it from me, I experienced all of these and they only made me hate reading even more. If that's not a humble beginning I don't know what is!

Although, my beginning was humble, I don't think I have arrived. You see, I think that we will always look back at times where things were not as favorable. There's going to be so many more Humble Beginnings.

Google defines humble as, having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance. I love this one! To me, this means humility is being capable to give honor to whom honor is due. When you are humble, you don't see yourself as important. You put more emphasis on the one who made it all possible. You don't think of yourself more highly than you should. You come to a place where when you do look back, it is impossible to give anyone for where your life is and where your life is going.

Wait? What about your parents?

Yes, they have a part to play just as every other significant person in your life (even your enemies) But, He gets the ultimate credit. We are nothing without Him. Without Him we can do nothing. So, the word humble in the phrase “Humble Beginnings" has a greater meaning to me now. It is not just a means of describing the meager circumstances someone came from, but a phrase that can be used throughout life. Because I know where my help comes from, I humble myself and look to Him. After reaching this realization everyday should feel like a humble beginning with Him, because you need Him for every single


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