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I'm an Introvert

Has anyone ever told you that they are an introvert? I hear it said often. Many like to claim this personality trait and welcome it with open arms. On the other hand, there are those who fully know that they are introverts and don't see it as something that is praise worthy.

I am an introvert.

Being an introvert is something that has caused me many sleepless nights, many frustrated days, and countless tension headaches. Why? Because it's not fun being an introvert. When you often have to mingle and deal with large crowds of people, you are left with hundreds of thoughts and replays of each interaction. This can be exhausting.

Here are a few characteristics of someone who has this personality trait:

  • We would rather not tell you how we feel. We would rather you figure it out by our demeanors or actions.

  • We like to keep our thoughts to our selves. It's too much to explain. It drains us.

  • We often think really hard before they speak, if we speak at all. If I am quiet, just know I do have an opinion, but I would rather not share it.

  • We think about our thoughts and our thoughts have thoughts. This is why we need quiet rest our minds

  • We do not like to be praised in front of people. Tell me how great I am when no one is around.

  • We are probably most attracted to  extroverts.

  • They do not  like talking on the phone.

  • We are writers. My keyboard is my bff.

This doesn't, in any way, equate to introverts being shy. I'm not sure why these two words tend to be used synonymously.

Picture this: You are at a get together, there are about thirty people there. A shy person walks in and sits down in a chair near the door. An introvert walks in and sits down in a chair near the door. The shy person is sitting there because they are afraid of talking to people or simply afraid of being around so many people. The introvert is sitting near the door because they don't want to talk to people. The introvert would rather sit and people watch.

Don't get me wrong, an introvert can engage a crowd. An introvert is actually a great speaker and can keep a conversation going for hours. The issue introvert can cope better if they socialize as little as possible.

For years I have been told that I am shy, or that I am a push over (scared to speak my mind). I beg to differ. The truth is, I would rather stay quiet and reserve my energy and peace. Sometimes this can be very hard because it all starts to build up after a while and it causes unpleasant circumstances: lack of sleep, frustration, headaches, uncertainty, confusion and so much more. Being an introvert is not something I brag about. On the contrary, I hesitantly accept it and I am working on being more verbally expressive.

So, the next time you meet an introvert, know this: we are not shy. We are not push overs. We have opinions, witty ideas, and strategies. We are quiet, but we have a voice, too. And, sometimes, we just want to sit and think. Being an introvert does not equate to being shy. An introvert is simply, thoughtful.

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